Friday, October 30, 2009

Black Butte Ranch Blog has moved

Greetings all! This blog is moving. The Black Butte Ranch Blog is now attached to our new website that has been designed by Smart Solutions in Bend. They did a fabulous job on the design and it is a more modern and easily managed website for us. In order to simplify things we have moved our blog to Wordpress so that it will function better with our website. To get to the blog simply go to I hope that you all will continue to follow our blog and become a fan of our facebook page as well.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

There is a Place - With Heroes

We all know Black Butte Ranch is a special place, with it's majestic views and proximity to some of the best wilderness experiences in Central Oregon. But, there is another reason that it's a special place and that is the people that work here.

A fine example of that statement is Ruth Davis who has been with the Ranch for 10 years, and is the Grounds Maintenance Supervisor and Winter Home Inspector. Today, Ruth is a hero!

In the course of simply doing her daily duties Ruth was in the lodge area when she noticed what looked like smoke or possibly steam coming from one of the Lodge condos. As a trained firefighter (she was the Captain of the Crooked River Ranch Rural Fire Protection Dept and a Paramedic for seven years) Ruth made a mental note of it. About 10 minutes later she glanced over in the vicinity of the condo once again and was surprised to see the same stream of smoke rising in the air.

She called her co-worker Bob (who coincidentally is her husband and was once Chief of Police for Crooked River Ranch). After a quick conversation she suggested that they both go over to the condo and check it out . When they arrived they were surprised to see fireplace ashes that had been dumped in a paper bag and left on the wooden deck. The ash had been smoldering overnight and burned through a small portion of the deck. Ruth knocked on the door of the condo to see if anyone was there, but received no answer. Bob, on the other hand, having been a police officer tried again with a more "forceful" knock ( he used a piece of wood to bang on the door). Amazingly enough, the occupants were awakened and alerted to the smoldering fire. Bob then proceeded to dump water on the area, while the Black Butte Ranch Fire Department was called and arrived on the scene to finish the job.

Thanks to the keen eye, sharp instinct and quick action by Ruth a disaster was averted and the condo was left with only minor damage. Thanks Ruth!

See ya around the Ranch,


Thursday, October 8, 2009

BBR Guests Participate in Nat'l Forest Foundation

This is such a great program that Black Butte Ranch is participating in and I just had to share it with you. The National Forest Foundation (NFF) Lodge Guest Contribution Program has been an ongoing program whereby guests at various lodging properties throughout the United States may add-on $1 to their room bill and that donation is paid directly to the foundation. The best part is that each lodging property can choose which forest their donations will benefit. Of course we have chosen Deschutes National Forest as the beneficiary. It gets even better, for every dollar that our guests contribute the NFF will put in an additional $0.25 (25 cents). The total amount raised per year per forest is $1,000,000 and above. The money is managed by the NFF and earmarked for various projects in the selected forest.It's amazing what can be done when everybody pitches in. Thank you to those that have contributed and tell all your friends and family to help our forest by staying at Black Butte Ranch.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sisters in Sisters

Last weekend our CFO, Sharon Dilley attended the Sisters in Sisters event. Black Butte Ranch has been a consistent sponsor of this special event for years. We participate each year by decorating a table with goodies from BBR (see photo above - courtesy of Sharon Dilley). Black Butte Ranch Spa donated many items to go along with this year's theme of "Sweet, Stress-free Me."

During the weekend participants can choose from a plethora of fun workshops such as "Bellydancing for Beginners, "Confidence and Meditation", "Wine Tasting", and "Living in Enthusiasm." Each night there is a "mix-n-mingle" cocktail hour and then a dinner with entertainment, ending on Sunday with a buffet brunch and a closing speaker.

Black Butte Ranch's long-time Senior Day Auditor (who's retiring in December) Virginia West and her daughter Kim had a great time (see photo to left - courtesy of Sharon Dilley).

Next year make plans to grab your mom, sister, niece or friend and plan on joining in the fun (oh and if you need a place to stay just give us a call).

See ya around the Ranch!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Firefighters Say Thanks

This morning I came across a very touching letter written by the visiting firefighters (some of whom were from Black Butte Ranch Fire Department) to the residents of Ashland and Medford. I have never seen a letter like this come from the firefighters themselves. I am extremely proud of how our firefighters have represented Black Butte Ranch. Way to go guys!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Tip of the Day - 5 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

I came across this article in Wend Magazine. I love finding information like this. It gives five creative ways to reuse those gross plastic bags you get when you forget your reusable bags at home :(). There is a video that shows how to make a messenger bag, instructions on how to make a beautiful flower for your sweetheart, even a dress! Let's help keep the earth green and make those pesky plastic bags useful.

See Ya around the Ranch!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Ben Crane visits Black Butte Ranch

Ben Crane recently visited the Ranch with his family and according to his thank you card to director of golf, Jeff Fought, had a great time. He wrote, "What a treat to come spend a week with you guys at the Ranch." Jeff says that Crane (a Portland, Oregon native and alum of U of O), and his family visit the Ranch often and enjoy their anonymity while they are here. Black Butte Ranch is still one of the few places where "celebs" can actually getaway and enjoy some down time without all the fanfare.

Did I mention that autumn golf at the Ranch is spectacular? As the weather gets a little colder that will cause the leaves to really begin turning, so be sure to get in 18 before the snow flies.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Plan a Fall Foliage Trip

(Photos courtesy of Kate Thomas Keown)

There's no need to travel all the way to Vermont to see incredible fall foliage. There are many amazing areas here in Oregon for viewing the beautiful autumnal hues of red, orange and gold. There is even a web-blog called Oregon Fall Foliage where you can get information about the best areas in Oregon for viewing the changing colors. You can also call the Fall Foliage Hotline at 800.547.5445. If you really want to get your fill of fall you need to come to the Ranch. As you drive in along Hawks Beard you'll pass through a grove of Aspens that is absolutely stunning. There is one section of Hawks Beard where you are completely engulfed by aspens on both sides of the road and if you're there during the afternoon you will experience the "glow" from the fluttering, golden leaves. If you're riding along the bike paths at the Ranch you'll most likely go through an area I like to call the "enchanted forest" where the pathway cuts through an aspen grove that is awe-inspiring. The Ranch is surrounded by fall foliage and there are many vistas of the surrounding mountains rife with color.

Autumn is also a great time to get in some hiking. Near the Ranch is the short but steep trail up Black Butte(see blog post dated August 27, 2009), or you can follow the Proxy Falls Loop Trail just off Highway 242 where patches of red and orange vine maple decorate the lava fields along the trail. Also, while staying at the Ranch, another "must do" hike that is particularly great for families, is along the Metolius river (Camp Sherman - Wizard Falls Hike). This is quite special during autumn. Check out our "What's Happening at the Ranch" guide for a complete listing of guided hikes that take off from the Ranch, including the Wizard Falls hike.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Black Butte Trail Open!

Hurray! The trail up to the summit of Black Butte is finally open. It is one of my favorite early morning hikes and I really missed it this summer. If you have never hiked it you're missing a spectacular hike. It's listed as moderate to difficult mostly because you achieve an elevation gain of 1,600 feet in approximately 1.9 miles (that's the trail one way). It is well worth the effort. As you wind your way up the trail you will go through some of the area burned recently by the Black Butte II Fire. At the top you can see two of the Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson and on a incredibly clear day you can even see Mt. Hood! There was a great article in the Bend Bulletin this morning, written by David Jasper called "Keeping a positive altitude". It's a fun read and gives a pretty accurate portrayal of what the hike is like. So If you're looking for something to do this Labor Day weekend, book a room at Black Butte Ranch, have a hearty breakfast and hike up Black Butte.

See ya around the Ranch!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pigeon Seeks Black Butte Ranch Lodging

Boy, I tell you, everybody and their pigeon wants to come to Black Butte Ranch. Here's a story that will amaze you. About a week or so ago, Jack Rosicky (Country House Condos) noticed a pigeon wandering around. When he gets a closer look he realizes it has a band around its leg. He is prompted to call Bob Davis of Ranch maintenance and Bob (who experienced a similar event several years ago with a Red Tailed hawk- see picture at right) suggested it may be a "racing" pigeon. He then advised Jack to go to a website for racing pigeons and input the coding from the band to locate the owner (unfortunately we don't have pictures of Jack chasing the bird so he can read the coding on the band).

Before doing that Jack could tell the wayward bird was exhausted and he provided water and then went into town and got wild bird feed to make his guest as comfortable as possible while he searched for the owner. Thanks to Jack's diligence he was able to locate the owner and contact them. Unfortunately the owner wasn't able to come right away because he had some health issues he was dealing with. So, Jack built a makeshift cage for his boarder while they waited for his owner to come. Well, I guess Jack did a heck of a job making this little bird comfy because he stuck around for six days, until Jack was finally able to get him to another "birder" who offered to care for the bird while his owner was recuperating. Thanks Jack for providing an excellent Black Butte Ranch experience for our feathered friend!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking for Original BBR Advertising Collateral

Calling all you historiographers (a.k.a pack rats) - In preparation for marketing campaigns next year (our 40th anniversary), we are looking for copies of the original Black Butte Ranch offering poster. In an excerpt from the book There is a Place by Peggy Lucas it states, "Bill Smith's 1969 marketing survey convinced Mike Hollern, Bob Harrison and the Brooks Scanlon board of directors that Oregonians would indeed support another resort east of the mountains. A board member suggested that an ad in Sunset magazine or the west coast edition of the Wall Street Journal might be the best way to announce the development to Oregonians, but Smith, Harrison and Hollern thought quite differently. They believed that a low keyed approach to the 29,000 Oregon families with sufficient annual income would be preferable." It then goes on to say,"Joe Erceg was commissioned to design a poster with a beautiful colored photograph of the proposed resort area with a banner line which read 'There is a Place,' and at the bottom in smaller type the name of the resort. This poster was rolled up, placed in a mailing tube and sent to the names on their list at an individual cost of $1.25."

We will treat your items with kid gloves and will either scan or photograph them - so no harm will come to them. If you have what we are looking for please contact me at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photography in the Aspens

(Photo by Gary Miller)

Autumn's most popular photography workshop, Photography in the Aspens, is scheduled for October 2, 3, 4, 2009. This is an intensive program with personalized instruction from renowned northwest professional photographer Rick Schafer. Rick has been building his incredible portfolio for the last 20 years, a craft he learned from his stepfather, award winning landscape photographer and Photographic Hall of Fame member Ray Atkeson.

Here's a snippet from the course description online - "Photography in the Aspens is a weekend intensive workshop for intermediate / advanced photographers with noted photographer Rick Schafer. Participants are guided through a study of nature and an analysis of light, which transforms into creative photographic technique. The weekend includes several photo shoots on location, both at Black Butte Ranch and nearby areas. Classroom work sessions include photography technique, using the camera as a tool, file management, gallery preparation and a print session. All meals are included with tuition and are all 'working meals'."

Sounds like an incredible workshop. Registration is limited to keep class size small - so sign up early!

See ya around the Ranch!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Benefit Ride - Providence Bridge Pedal

Hey there all you cyclists -My husband and I recently rode in the 2009 Providence Bridge Pedal which a portion of the proceeds benefit the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute as well as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. You could chose between a 6, 8, or 11-Bridge ride. We chose the 11-Bridge ride which takes you across every bridge in Portland (including the Sellwood and St. John's bridges). This picture is the beginning of the 11-Bridge ride. It was estimated that there was a total of 20,000 participants this year.

It is an amazing ride through many different areas of Portland. The route takes you through industrial areas, idyllic neighborhoods, the University of Portland and as you cross several of the bridges (yes, they do close the freeway- how cool is that!) there is the opportunity to take photos and drink in the vistas.

I hope that someday you may get to ride it. Not only is it fun for adults, but it is a great ride for families (especially the 6-Bridge Ride, very easy). But as always it is great to get back to Central Oregon.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stringdusters Receive IBMA Nominations

The Stringdusters "tweeted" today that they have received a nomination from the International Bluegrass Music Association for Instrumental Group of the Year. In case you weren't here, we had the privilege of hosting the Stringdusters at Black Butte Ranch on July 17 as a benefit for the Americana Project and they were outstanding!

In addition to the band's nomination, one of their members, Andy Hall was nominated for best Dobro Player of the Year. Congrats guys, well done! If you are not a musician you may ask yourself what is a dobro? The image to the left is a dobro or more commonly known as a resonator guitar (photo courtesy of A dobro is an acoustic guitar with a metal resonator built into its body. This resonator serves as an amplifier. The dobro was invented in the early 1930's by John Dopyera. Dopyera and his brother were trying to create a louder guitar. They named their invention dobro, which meant "good" in their native language. The dobro's sound is more like that of a banjo than a guitar. So there you have it - tuck that away in your brain for your next game of Trivial Pursuit. To find out more about The Infamous Stringdusters, click here.
See ya around the Ranch!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Portland Family Adventures Recommends Black Butte Ranch!

Greetings all! Earlier this summer Vince Schreck, founder and editor of Portland Family Adventures and his family, visited Black Butte Ranch. They had an awesome time and every member of the family had something great to do. Check out Vince's story (including the cute videos embedded - the last video is really great, it's set to music from Vince's own band the "Toy Trains" - very cool). Keep those stories coming. We'd like to here about your vacation at Black Butte Ranch. Send your stories to and I'll post them here on the blog. If you live in the Portland area be sure to visit Portland Family Adventures for all kinds of fun ideas and cool places to go with your kids.

See ya around the Ranch!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gallery at the Lodge

Greetings! As I sit here musing about all the awesome surroundings here at the Ranch there is one thing inside that I would like you to see. Now showing at the "Gallery at the Lodge" is a solo exhibition of Kentree Speirs artwork.

This piece is called "Through the Sky" and it is a large piece measuring 56" x 84", but surely one you must see in person. We had an artist reception for Kentree on Sunday and what a gentle spirit this man has. He is quite a prolific artist and has had over 30 exhibitions in Oregon alone. His work is all oil on canvas and according to his Artist's Statement he says, "My paintings emerge from chaos and evolve into abstract landscapes. I try to create something from nothing or something from everything." He is an experienced mountaineer and has travelled the world, all of which you will see in his art. I would swear that is Mount Hood in the upper right corner of "Through the Sky", but I guess that's what makes art art. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Kentree's exhibit will be here through September so be sure and stop by the Lodge and visit.

See ya around the Ranch!


Cycling in Central Oregon

If you are a cyclist then you probably already know that Central Oregon has some of the best cycling ( both road and mountain bike) around. My husband and I recently attended the Cascade Cycling Classic Criterium in Bend and it was an awesome display of strategy and skill. They had several different levels of racing from women's amateur and pro to men's amateur and pro (even former Tour de France rider Floyd Landis was there - photo courtesy of Jim Williams). It was a very hot afternoon and I certainly did not envy those men and women having to give it their all that day. The coolest thing about all of this is that it says Central Oregon is a great place to cycle. The week after the Cascade Cycling Classic, Bend hosted the USA National Road Cycling Championships. Wow, what a follow up.

If you are staying here at the Ranch or are planning a visit this summer or fall, don't forget that we have 18 miles of bike paths (great for all levels of riders, even the wee ones). If you didn't bring your bike, just head out to Glaze Meadow Recreation Center and see Eric to rent an amazing Marin comfort bike for touring the Ranch( we even have an on- site bike repair shop). For the more adventurous ones Eric can guide you to some of the best mountain bike trails in the area. Click here for a pdf of the Ranch bike path map. You just never know what you might see along the way.

See ya around the Ranch!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Hotter than a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!

Yikes! In case you've been too busy to notice, or possibly on a cool exotic vacation somewhere else, it's been hot here in Central Oregon. The forecast for today is 94 to 100! Same for tomorrow, but cooling in the evenings, hallelujah. It may be hotter than "a cat on a hot tin roof" but these are really the "Dog Days" of summer. I know you have heard that phrase before, but do you know where it originated from? According to Wikipedia - the term "Dog Days" was first used by the Greeks (during Aristotle's time) as well as the ancient Romans, named after Sirius ( the "Dog Star") the brightest star in the heavens besides the Sun. The ancients believed that the Dog Days signified the period of time when Sirius rose just before or at the same time as the sun( which is no longer true) supposedly adding to the sun's heat creating a stretch of hot and sultry weather. In Ancient Rome, the Dog Days extended from July 24 through August 24. The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days as the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the ancient rise of the the Dog Star, Sirius.

Whew, now that we understand all of that, the question is how do you stay cool? Black Butte Ranch has so much to offer during these hottest days. You and your family (two adults and two kids) can golf after 4pm every day at Glaze Meadow Golf Course for only $60! That's a cool deal. You could also spend your day chillin' at the Glaze Meadow Recreation Center pool. The Kids will have a blast in the spray playground(see below) doesn't that look like fun? There's also a great snack shop, where you can buy sandwiches and drinks (pop, water, etc.) and enjoy the cool water.
And just in time for the "Dog Days" you can get 20% your bike rental at Glaze Meadow Rental Shop Monday - Thursday. If you haven't been on the bike paths here at the Ranch, you haven't yet experienced one of the greatest ways to see the flora and fauna here. There are 18 miles of paths (mostly in the shade) that are easy for most levels of cycling (even the wee ones). Come and cool down with us
See ya around the Ranch!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Launch of Online "Lodge Area Task Force Discussion Board"

The Lodge Area Task Force (LATF) has created a new online discussion board that is an open forum for anyone to voice their opinions, ideas, questions, suggestions and solutions with regard to the "lodge area". This area consists of the lodge itself, Lodge Shop, Coldwell Banker Reed Bros. real estate office, lodge pool and locker rooms, Lakeside Bistro, Recreation Barn and surrounding area. Some of these buildings are aging and the LATF has been given the job of exploring various solutions to upgrading, remodeling or redesigning the buildings. Their goal is to work with an architect and to come up with a viable site plan for the area. Please take some time to join in the discussion and let your voice be heard. Go to and post your thoughts.

New Director of Sales and Marketing

Charles Kingsbaker, the Ranch's new Director of Sales and Marketing has arrived! Today is his first official day on the job. According to the press release - "He brings over 10 years of resort and golf experience, most recently with Troon Golf, where he was Regional sales and Marketing Director. In his new position at the Ranch, Kingsbaker will lead the development, management, and implementation of strategic marketing programs and sales stretegies for all of Black Butte Ranch..."

Welcome Charles!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If You Weren't Here You Missed It!

If you weren't here for the Infamous Stringdusters concert, I have two questions - why not and where were you?

This was an amazing concert in a place with unmatched views and ambiance. The Lakeside Lawn provided incredible "ampitheater like" acoustics; the weather was perfect and the audience was delightful. It took many volunteers to pull it off, but in the end it was masterfully put together and everyone had a great time.

I cant' wait for the next concert in the
"Live at the Ranch" series. I'll keep you all posted when we come up with the next one.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that even little Mary Elizabeth made an appearance. She's a cutie!

I also had my trusty sidekick - Ms. Emma Huntsman up on stage with me to thank everyone for coming and making our inaugural concert a booming success.

The Americana Kids received $3000 in donations from the concert-goers which made all the effort worth it. They are very appreciative of everyone's generosity.

See ya around the Ranch!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Black Butte II Fire Is Contained

I would like to thank all fire crews on the BBII fire for their hard work. According to the latest update from the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center the fire is 100% contained and they are mopping up hot spots within the fire perimeter. The final acreage count is 578 acres and there are still some Forest Roads closed and the trail up Black Butte as well as the Metolius-Windigo trail is still closed. Hopefully they will be opened soon as they are both very popular trails. We are lucky that the Forest Service was able to respond so quickly and have the use of so many resources enabling them to get control of fire rapidly. You can get more information about the BBII fire at this website:

One of the BBR staff recently compiled a historical listing of fires that have been near or around the Ranch since the year 2000. There have been five major forest fires, and out of those only one came close enough to destroy property. The loss of our beautiful forests is a sad occurance, but can also be of benefit to forest regeneration. I recently went for a hike up Black Crater and amidst the devastation caused by the 2006 Black Crater Fire the ground of the forest was filled with lush western ferns and a multitude of ponderosa seedlings. The circle of life continues on.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Ranch News Update

I have two news updates. As some of you may know, when our new general manager, Scott Huntsman came on board his wife was close to having their fourth child. Little Mary Elizabeth Huntsman was born on July 1, 2009! I have never seen so many people follow the impending birth of a child so closely (other than the royal family of course). Everyone at the Ranch was anxiously awaiting Mary Elizabeth's arrival. Congrats to Scott and Christy!

Secondly, the other piece of big news is that we have a new Director of Sales and Marketing due to start around July 23. Charles Kingsbaker brings over 10 years of resort and golf experience, most recently with Troon Golf, where he served as regional sales and marketing director, overseeing strategic resort, real estate and golf sales and marketing initiatives for various Troon Golf managed properties. We are very excited to have someone of Charles' caliber working to promote and improve the Ranch. Welcome Charles!

Well that's it for now.

Tour Des Chutes Ride is Saturday

This is for all you avid cyclists. The fifth annual "Tour Des Chutes" is Saturday July 18, 2009. The ride is organized by brain cancer survivor, Gary Bonacker and benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation as well as the St. Charles Cancer center. It is a great ride and offers various lengths of rides from 7, 25, 48, 70 and 90 miles. Hopefully it won't be too hot and there will be lots of riders participating. After the ride the atmosphere is very festive and you get a giant burrito courtesy of Longboard Loui's of Bend. Hope to see you there.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't Forget the Infamous Stringdusters July 17

Preparations are underway for the first "Live at the Ranch" concert series, featuring the Infamous Stringdusters, and will benefit the Sisters Americana Project ($5 donation please). Check out their music at The Ranch is providing a beautiful "venue with a view" where concert goers will be treated to outstanding bluegrass music as well as a view of Phalarope Lake and the Three Sisters as the sun sets. Be sure to bring your sand chairs and a blanket and enjoy the ranch style barbeque food available for purchase. We will also have a special area for wheelchair seating. Please note: no outside alcoholic beverages allowed (there is a Beer Garden on site). come early to get a good spot and enjoy the relaxed ambiance of the Ranch.



Quilt Show !

As quilters descend upon Sisters from all over the United States (even some internationally), we welcome them with open arms. While I'm not a quilter myself, there are many avid quilters that are residents of the Ranch. In fact, our very own Ruth Ingham recently had an art quilt display at the Sisters library. I had the honor of viewing one of her art quilts before it went to the library and was fascinated with the incredible detail involved in the piece.

I understand that the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show organizers are expecting record-breaking attendance at this year's show. Well at least it isn't going to be 90 degrees, and it doesn't appear that any remaining smoke from the smoldering Black Butte II fire is going to drift into town, whew! I also read that if you bring your own bottle of water you can get free refills all over town.

Quilt on Sisters! Article on CO Golf

It's pretty cool when you get free publicity as we did in the's article about golf in Central Oregon (well, ok it actually says Bend, but covers Sunriver Resort all the way to Black Butte Ranch). Check out their review of the Big Meadow course atBBR,28136,1908504,00.html. The author wrote"In truth, this is exactly the kind or course you want to play on the first day of your vacation, unlike its sisters track Glaze Meadow, which calls for bow-anarrow accuracy." Ok, you can play Glaze on your second day of vacation.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fire Season Begins

Well it's no secret that there is a wildfire on Black Butte (the volcanic cone NOT the Ranch, whew!). We are proud to be of assistance to the firefighters by providing water for their aerial attack as well as any additional strategic help they may need. Black Butte is very special to all of us here. Not only is it our namesake, but it is a defining landmark, that we enjoy. If you have never made the trek to the top of Black Butte it is one you should add to your "must do" list. It is a moderate hike with about a 1600 ft elevation climb over close to two miles. Some of the hike takes you through dense ponderosa forest and some of it offers amazing views of Black Butte Ranch at its base as well as the Three Sisters (although Middle Sister is hidden from view), Broken Top, Mt. Jefferson and on a really clear day Mt. Hood and Mt. Ranier.

The firefighters are working tirelessly to contain the fire and from where I sit ( my office window looks directly out at the butte) they are doing a great job! We should be able to enjoy the trail again soon. As for the Ranch nothing here is threatened and we are operating as normal.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Infamous StringDusters Are Coming

I am so excited that on July 17, 2009 the Infamous stringDusters will play a benefit concert for the Sisters Americana Project here at the Ranch! If you want to check them out go to or click on their link under My Favorite Links. They play bluegrass music and are very playful and fun. Thanks to Brad Tisdel and his crew for thinking of the Ranch as a cool venue and to Scott Huntsman our general manager for saying yes! This is the first in a series of "Live at the Ranch" concerts, so stay tuned to see who else is coming our way.


Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a glorious day

I know the world is filled with beautiful, sepcatcular places, but I feel truly blessed to be here in this special place in Central Oregon. The forecast is for sunny skies and 82 degrees. As I was driving in the entrance to the Ranch this morning, the horses were being brought in from the meadow. What a beautiful sight, horses galloping and Mt. Washington glistening in the backgoround. It was one of those "WOW!" moments, where you feel lucky to be here.

All the swimming pools are open and it is such fun to watch all the families and their kids creating summertime memories. I have heard many stories from people who came here as a kid in the early seventies and now they are bringing their children and grandkids here. How cool is that!These stories are behind our latest promotion "Relive Your Best Summer Ever".
I would love to hear more stories about your memories of the Ranch. You can email me at