Monday, August 24, 2009

Pigeon Seeks Black Butte Ranch Lodging

Boy, I tell you, everybody and their pigeon wants to come to Black Butte Ranch. Here's a story that will amaze you. About a week or so ago, Jack Rosicky (Country House Condos) noticed a pigeon wandering around. When he gets a closer look he realizes it has a band around its leg. He is prompted to call Bob Davis of Ranch maintenance and Bob (who experienced a similar event several years ago with a Red Tailed hawk- see picture at right) suggested it may be a "racing" pigeon. He then advised Jack to go to a website for racing pigeons and input the coding from the band to locate the owner (unfortunately we don't have pictures of Jack chasing the bird so he can read the coding on the band).

Before doing that Jack could tell the wayward bird was exhausted and he provided water and then went into town and got wild bird feed to make his guest as comfortable as possible while he searched for the owner. Thanks to Jack's diligence he was able to locate the owner and contact them. Unfortunately the owner wasn't able to come right away because he had some health issues he was dealing with. So, Jack built a makeshift cage for his boarder while they waited for his owner to come. Well, I guess Jack did a heck of a job making this little bird comfy because he stuck around for six days, until Jack was finally able to get him to another "birder" who offered to care for the bird while his owner was recuperating. Thanks Jack for providing an excellent Black Butte Ranch experience for our feathered friend!


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