Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gallery at the Lodge

Greetings! As I sit here musing about all the awesome surroundings here at the Ranch there is one thing inside that I would like you to see. Now showing at the "Gallery at the Lodge" is a solo exhibition of Kentree Speirs artwork.

This piece is called "Through the Sky" and it is a large piece measuring 56" x 84", but surely one you must see in person. We had an artist reception for Kentree on Sunday and what a gentle spirit this man has. He is quite a prolific artist and has had over 30 exhibitions in Oregon alone. His work is all oil on canvas and according to his Artist's Statement he says, "My paintings emerge from chaos and evolve into abstract landscapes. I try to create something from nothing or something from everything." He is an experienced mountaineer and has travelled the world, all of which you will see in his art. I would swear that is Mount Hood in the upper right corner of "Through the Sky", but I guess that's what makes art art. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Kentree's exhibit will be here through September so be sure and stop by the Lodge and visit.

See ya around the Ranch!


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