Friday, October 30, 2009

Black Butte Ranch Blog has moved

Greetings all! This blog is moving. The Black Butte Ranch Blog is now attached to our new website that has been designed by Smart Solutions in Bend. They did a fabulous job on the design and it is a more modern and easily managed website for us. In order to simplify things we have moved our blog to Wordpress so that it will function better with our website. To get to the blog simply go to I hope that you all will continue to follow our blog and become a fan of our facebook page as well.

See ya around the Ranch!


Friday, October 9, 2009

There is a Place - With Heroes

We all know Black Butte Ranch is a special place, with it's majestic views and proximity to some of the best wilderness experiences in Central Oregon. But, there is another reason that it's a special place and that is the people that work here.

A fine example of that statement is Ruth Davis who has been with the Ranch for 10 years, and is the Grounds Maintenance Supervisor and Winter Home Inspector. Today, Ruth is a hero!

In the course of simply doing her daily duties Ruth was in the lodge area when she noticed what looked like smoke or possibly steam coming from one of the Lodge condos. As a trained firefighter (she was the Captain of the Crooked River Ranch Rural Fire Protection Dept and a Paramedic for seven years) Ruth made a mental note of it. About 10 minutes later she glanced over in the vicinity of the condo once again and was surprised to see the same stream of smoke rising in the air.

She called her co-worker Bob (who coincidentally is her husband and was once Chief of Police for Crooked River Ranch). After a quick conversation she suggested that they both go over to the condo and check it out . When they arrived they were surprised to see fireplace ashes that had been dumped in a paper bag and left on the wooden deck. The ash had been smoldering overnight and burned through a small portion of the deck. Ruth knocked on the door of the condo to see if anyone was there, but received no answer. Bob, on the other hand, having been a police officer tried again with a more "forceful" knock ( he used a piece of wood to bang on the door). Amazingly enough, the occupants were awakened and alerted to the smoldering fire. Bob then proceeded to dump water on the area, while the Black Butte Ranch Fire Department was called and arrived on the scene to finish the job.

Thanks to the keen eye, sharp instinct and quick action by Ruth a disaster was averted and the condo was left with only minor damage. Thanks Ruth!

See ya around the Ranch,


Thursday, October 8, 2009

BBR Guests Participate in Nat'l Forest Foundation

This is such a great program that Black Butte Ranch is participating in and I just had to share it with you. The National Forest Foundation (NFF) Lodge Guest Contribution Program has been an ongoing program whereby guests at various lodging properties throughout the United States may add-on $1 to their room bill and that donation is paid directly to the foundation. The best part is that each lodging property can choose which forest their donations will benefit. Of course we have chosen Deschutes National Forest as the beneficiary. It gets even better, for every dollar that our guests contribute the NFF will put in an additional $0.25 (25 cents). The total amount raised per year per forest is $1,000,000 and above. The money is managed by the NFF and earmarked for various projects in the selected forest.It's amazing what can be done when everybody pitches in. Thank you to those that have contributed and tell all your friends and family to help our forest by staying at Black Butte Ranch.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sisters in Sisters

Last weekend our CFO, Sharon Dilley attended the Sisters in Sisters event. Black Butte Ranch has been a consistent sponsor of this special event for years. We participate each year by decorating a table with goodies from BBR (see photo above - courtesy of Sharon Dilley). Black Butte Ranch Spa donated many items to go along with this year's theme of "Sweet, Stress-free Me."

During the weekend participants can choose from a plethora of fun workshops such as "Bellydancing for Beginners, "Confidence and Meditation", "Wine Tasting", and "Living in Enthusiasm." Each night there is a "mix-n-mingle" cocktail hour and then a dinner with entertainment, ending on Sunday with a buffet brunch and a closing speaker.

Black Butte Ranch's long-time Senior Day Auditor (who's retiring in December) Virginia West and her daughter Kim had a great time (see photo to left - courtesy of Sharon Dilley).

Next year make plans to grab your mom, sister, niece or friend and plan on joining in the fun (oh and if you need a place to stay just give us a call).

See ya around the Ranch!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Firefighters Say Thanks

This morning I came across a very touching letter written by the visiting firefighters (some of whom were from Black Butte Ranch Fire Department) to the residents of Ashland and Medford. I have never seen a letter like this come from the firefighters themselves. I am extremely proud of how our firefighters have represented Black Butte Ranch. Way to go guys!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Tip of the Day - 5 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

I came across this article in Wend Magazine. I love finding information like this. It gives five creative ways to reuse those gross plastic bags you get when you forget your reusable bags at home :(). There is a video that shows how to make a messenger bag, instructions on how to make a beautiful flower for your sweetheart, even a dress! Let's help keep the earth green and make those pesky plastic bags useful.

See Ya around the Ranch!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Ben Crane visits Black Butte Ranch

Ben Crane recently visited the Ranch with his family and according to his thank you card to director of golf, Jeff Fought, had a great time. He wrote, "What a treat to come spend a week with you guys at the Ranch." Jeff says that Crane (a Portland, Oregon native and alum of U of O), and his family visit the Ranch often and enjoy their anonymity while they are here. Black Butte Ranch is still one of the few places where "celebs" can actually getaway and enjoy some down time without all the fanfare.

Did I mention that autumn golf at the Ranch is spectacular? As the weather gets a little colder that will cause the leaves to really begin turning, so be sure to get in 18 before the snow flies.