Friday, October 9, 2009

There is a Place - With Heroes

We all know Black Butte Ranch is a special place, with it's majestic views and proximity to some of the best wilderness experiences in Central Oregon. But, there is another reason that it's a special place and that is the people that work here.

A fine example of that statement is Ruth Davis who has been with the Ranch for 10 years, and is the Grounds Maintenance Supervisor and Winter Home Inspector. Today, Ruth is a hero!

In the course of simply doing her daily duties Ruth was in the lodge area when she noticed what looked like smoke or possibly steam coming from one of the Lodge condos. As a trained firefighter (she was the Captain of the Crooked River Ranch Rural Fire Protection Dept and a Paramedic for seven years) Ruth made a mental note of it. About 10 minutes later she glanced over in the vicinity of the condo once again and was surprised to see the same stream of smoke rising in the air.

She called her co-worker Bob (who coincidentally is her husband and was once Chief of Police for Crooked River Ranch). After a quick conversation she suggested that they both go over to the condo and check it out . When they arrived they were surprised to see fireplace ashes that had been dumped in a paper bag and left on the wooden deck. The ash had been smoldering overnight and burned through a small portion of the deck. Ruth knocked on the door of the condo to see if anyone was there, but received no answer. Bob, on the other hand, having been a police officer tried again with a more "forceful" knock ( he used a piece of wood to bang on the door). Amazingly enough, the occupants were awakened and alerted to the smoldering fire. Bob then proceeded to dump water on the area, while the Black Butte Ranch Fire Department was called and arrived on the scene to finish the job.

Thanks to the keen eye, sharp instinct and quick action by Ruth a disaster was averted and the condo was left with only minor damage. Thanks Ruth!

See ya around the Ranch,


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