Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking for Original BBR Advertising Collateral

Calling all you historiographers (a.k.a pack rats) - In preparation for marketing campaigns next year (our 40th anniversary), we are looking for copies of the original Black Butte Ranch offering poster. In an excerpt from the book There is a Place by Peggy Lucas it states, "Bill Smith's 1969 marketing survey convinced Mike Hollern, Bob Harrison and the Brooks Scanlon board of directors that Oregonians would indeed support another resort east of the mountains. A board member suggested that an ad in Sunset magazine or the west coast edition of the Wall Street Journal might be the best way to announce the development to Oregonians, but Smith, Harrison and Hollern thought quite differently. They believed that a low keyed approach to the 29,000 Oregon families with sufficient annual income would be preferable." It then goes on to say,"Joe Erceg was commissioned to design a poster with a beautiful colored photograph of the proposed resort area with a banner line which read 'There is a Place,' and at the bottom in smaller type the name of the resort. This poster was rolled up, placed in a mailing tube and sent to the names on their list at an individual cost of $1.25."

We will treat your items with kid gloves and will either scan or photograph them - so no harm will come to them. If you have what we are looking for please contact me at

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