Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a glorious day

I know the world is filled with beautiful, sepcatcular places, but I feel truly blessed to be here in this special place in Central Oregon. The forecast is for sunny skies and 82 degrees. As I was driving in the entrance to the Ranch this morning, the horses were being brought in from the meadow. What a beautiful sight, horses galloping and Mt. Washington glistening in the backgoround. It was one of those "WOW!" moments, where you feel lucky to be here.

All the swimming pools are open and it is such fun to watch all the families and their kids creating summertime memories. I have heard many stories from people who came here as a kid in the early seventies and now they are bringing their children and grandkids here. How cool is that!These stories are behind our latest promotion "Relive Your Best Summer Ever".
I would love to hear more stories about your memories of the Ranch. You can email me at

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