Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fire Season Begins

Well it's no secret that there is a wildfire on Black Butte (the volcanic cone NOT the Ranch, whew!). We are proud to be of assistance to the firefighters by providing water for their aerial attack as well as any additional strategic help they may need. Black Butte is very special to all of us here. Not only is it our namesake, but it is a defining landmark, that we enjoy. If you have never made the trek to the top of Black Butte it is one you should add to your "must do" list. It is a moderate hike with about a 1600 ft elevation climb over close to two miles. Some of the hike takes you through dense ponderosa forest and some of it offers amazing views of Black Butte Ranch at its base as well as the Three Sisters (although Middle Sister is hidden from view), Broken Top, Mt. Jefferson and on a really clear day Mt. Hood and Mt. Ranier.

The firefighters are working tirelessly to contain the fire and from where I sit ( my office window looks directly out at the butte) they are doing a great job! We should be able to enjoy the trail again soon. As for the Ranch nothing here is threatened and we are operating as normal.

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